6 videos that prove YouTube is a great platform to connect fans and artistes

The world is a better place with these user-generated content that got everyone talking
6 videos that prove YouTube is all about the engagement

Back in the day, people used to count the number of records a band sold to measure their success but now, anyone and everyone can plunk a video on YouTube and get popular thanks to the masses of people that watch it.

That’s according to YouTube global music partnerships director, Christophe Muller, who spoke at a Music Matters session in All That Matters in Singapore.

“YouTube is fundamentally about connecting fans with the artistes, the musicians, and the creators of content. It’s a two-way relationship and YouTube is in the unique position to offer that dialogue,” he said.

While artistes enjoy incredible success on YouTube, some fan-made versions based off these videos are equally popular, mainly because how they parodied the original work. Plus, the global scale at which YouTube is available to people truly makes it a platform for everrone.

Since we’re all so passionate about YouTube and the doors it’s opened for us, here’s six videos that show viewer engagement goes a long way. Our apologies, we were so spoilt for choice and had to pick the most amusing one.

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The hotter single “lady”

We got to admit, Beyoncé looks pretty darn sexy in that spandex suit. But she’s been outshone by another (who would have thought that would ever happen) and it’s none other than Justin Timberlake. He gets into the skin-tight leotard (we wonder how), dons heels, and even got Beyoncé to appear in a parody of her own video.

Happy Singaporeans

We’re a bit biased for this one because it hits close to the heart. And it features no celebrities – just everyday Singaporeans we see on the street but don’t expect something boring, they sure didn’t hold back. It’s great to see Singaporeans break free from their rigid lifestyles and partake so spontaneously in the video. Expect lots of clapping and bum shaking.