6 signs transport in Singapore is actually going car-lite

From shared bikes to high-speed trains, you could say we're on the fast track

Even if some of us aren’t totally on board with the idea of a “car-lite” Singapore, deep down, we all know it’s the right thing to do as far as sustainability is concerned. And while it seemed like a lofty goal when the idea was first mooted, there are plenty of signs that we’re getting there sooner than we realized.

Singapore is getting a fleet of electric taxis

Singapore’s sixth taxi operator will commence operations in September with a fleet of electric cars. According to The Straits Times, HDT Singapore Taxi will start with 10 cars built by Shenzhen-based BYD, with the fleet growing to 100 by Q1 2017. The cars have a range of 350km on a full charge and prices are expected to be "competitive and tagged to the market rate".

You’ll have a quick and convenient way to get to Malaysia in the near future

With the high-speed rail link between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur scheduled for completion in 2026 and a study underway for a potential Singapore-Johor Baru MRT extension, jams at the Causeway and Second Link might soon be a thing of the past.