6 ingenious ways we want the Apple Watch to work in Singapore

If the Apple Watch can do these things, we’ll take 10 of them

Every Apple keynote, we can’t help but feel a little left out as the Cupertino giant promises great things...that take too long to get to us, if they ever do.

As you might have realised by now, we’re not one of the chosen nine countries to get the Apple Watch on 24 April. But that’s probably a good thing as it’ll give Apple some time to put some of the below suggestions in place. After all, we want the Apple Watch to change the way we live in Singapore.

Apple Pay at NTUC

All of us shop at the largest supermarket chain in Singapore, which also have some of the longest queues. Instead of having to stuff our cards back into our wallets, and holding up the queue in the meantime, this could mean we’d just be able to pay by tapping our wrists to the POS terminal and move right along. Now that NTUC has those Self Checkout counters, it’d make even more sense for them to tech things up a notch and enable Apple Pay too.

Image: Wikimedia

EZ-Link-up the Apple Watch

Don’t you hate it when someone tries to tap their entire bag on the card reader and fails anyway? Don’t you hate it even more when you’re the one standing behind said person who’s now rooting through her bag for her card while the bus slowly fills up? If only she was wearing an EZ-Linked Apple Watch that she could tap handily - or wristily - on the card reader.

Image: SoakinSingapore

Open our office building’s gantry

You can identify office drones by the lanyards they wear around their necks. It’s sad, but it’s probably the best way to not forget the access cards that allow you entry into your office building and office. It would be so much easier, and fashionable, to download an app onto your Apple Watch that could authorise entry via NFC. Also would be good if it can detect your movement so the gantry gates only close after you go through them.

There’s enough paranoia in life to deal with, without having the additional irrational fear of the gates hitting you on their way shut.


While this might be a long shot since the Apple Watch only has Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, it’d be the best one. We’re tired of paying fines of at least S$10 when we forget to put in our cashcard while passing under an ERP gantry. And also having our cashcards stolen because we forgot to take them out. You know what, scratch this idea being the best one. Not having ERP gantries at all is the best idea ever, but hell will probably freeze over before this ever gets approved.

Guess we have to settle for the Apple Watch idea then.

Image: Singapolitics

Guarantee us a taxi

We’ve all seen how you can call for a ride via the Uber app on the Apple Watch. Calling is one thing, actually getting an Uber is another (especially on Free Rides Day). What we’d love for the Apple Watch to do for us is instantly book a cab and relay our pick-up location to it the moment we stick our arm out in the streets. That’ll save us the time and effort of keying our pick-up and drop-off points in. It’ll be even better if we could get a cab every time we try for one.

Image: Today Online

Clear immigration at Changi airport

It’s great that we Singaporeans get to skip long immigration counter lines with our biometric passports. Thanks to the automated systems, we get to zip through immigration which is much needed relief after a long flight. While it’s already efficient enough, it’d be even more if we could just tap our Apple Watch to the reader and pass through without having to scan in the first page of our passports and our thumbprints. After all, we want to take efficiency to the next level, don’t we?

Image: Home Team