6 hot acts you shouldn't miss at Laneway Festival Singapore 2015

Don’t pretend like you know them all. Preview some of the best-sounding artists you might have overlooked and impress your mates at the annual music festival
6 hot acts you shouldn't miss at Laneway Festival Singapore 2015

Before the musicians rock up full-force to the stage, we thought we’d open your ears up to a few acts you’d be a fool to miss. Go on, beef up your playlist before pulling on your boots and Wayfarers. You'll know your stuff by the end of this article.

Image: Laneway Festival, Videos: YouTube


Sounds like: Arca, Hudson Mohawke

Rustie's unabashed trippy beats will liven up the party at The Meadow. Here's some geek trivia: it's said that the Scottish producer's interest in videogames has played a significant part in his brand of experimental electronic composition. Definitely not an act you will want to watch sitting down. 

Listen to: Attak, Afterlight, Raptor

Chet Faker

Sounds like: Flume, Glass Animals

Buttery smooth vocals set to a loungey electro backdrop pretty much sums up what Australian crooner Chet Faker is all about. Best enjoyed with eyes closed, breeze in your hair, and a nice cold brew in your hand while letting his voice flow through you. Miss at your own risk.

Listen to: Talk is Cheap, No Diggity, 1998