5 ways to DEFINITELY get a cab during peak hours in Singapore

We talk to local taxi drivers to find out how to virtually hail a cab for sure when using third-party taxi-booking apps like GrabTaxi, Hailo or Easy Taxi
5 surefire ways of landing a cab on GrabTaxi, Hailo or Easy Taxi during peak hou

Why can’t you get a cab every time you need one, despite there being thousands in Singapore?

You could be calling every two minutes, standing by the road with your arm stretched out for the longest time. And even when you use a third-party booking app such as GrabTaxi, Hailo or Uber these days, there's no guarantee that you can land a ride even if you're willing to pay that booking fee.

You’re clearly doing something wrong. We were enlightened by the taxi drivers, and now it's time to share the secrets to get a cab successfully every single time via app.

Indicate cash payment

Tips from taxi drivers: 5 ways to always land a cab via app during peak hour in

Some taxi-booking apps allow passengers to pay by their respective card systems which is handy for when they don't have cash. What’s convenient for the passenger, however, is inconvenient for the taxi driver as that amount can take a few days to reach the driver's pocket. As everyone knows, cash is always king and that’s also every taxi driver’s preferred mode of payment.

Instead: Whenever possible, like when you’re prompted to enter additional instructions for cab driver, state that you’re paying by cash instead of card. Besides, how many times have you been delayed by the NETS machines’ inability to connect? Specifying that you’re paying by cash will play a part in swaying the taxi driver your way.