5 things we love about the iPad Pro 9.7 – and 3 we hate

Ok, hate might be overly strong, but while great, Apple's smaller Pro isn't perfect

The iPad family's new 9.7in Pro has barely left our side since we reviewed it last week.

Like in any fledgling gadget relationship, we're developing a real fondness for its endearing charms – and have started noticing the odd grating quirk that we'll cowardly push to one side before leaving it at the altar in a few years.

Here's the state of the iPad Pro 9.7 'marry, avoid' table we've been drawing up in Sketchbook on our way to work:

5 things we love

1. It makes you feel like a creative genius

Siri hasn't yet told us that our SketchBook creations are worthy of the Tate Modern (although that would be nice). But we are in agreement with Stuff's art editor, creator of the marvellous skull above, that the iPad Pro 9.7 is the nicest thing to draw on since paper. Unlike the iPad Air 2, it's compatible with Apple's Pencil (a £79 extra) and lets you sketch away with barely any latency. But unlike its 12.9in brother, it's also small enough to hold in one hand while you draft a Hopper-esque masterpiece on the bus to work.

2. It helps you live a paper-free life

Because the iPad Pro feels like the closest thing we've had to a digital notebook, it's encouraged us to live a more tree-friendly life. Apps such as Scanbot and Evernote, which support the Apple Pencil, mean you can use it to scan and sign documents with ease, or use it as a replacement for those overpriced Moleskines. These might sound like humdrum use cases for the best iPad ever, but they encourage behaviour that most trees would agree is important and long overdue.