5 tech picks to keep your pets healthy and occupied

Is your new job keeping you away from your pets? If you’re stuck at work, try these gadgets for your furkid

There are instances where the peak periods of your job kick in and you can’t seem to find enough time to play with your pet or even worse, feed your beloved furry friend on time.

Fear not, here are some tech options for you to consider if you’re busy at work, or if you need some time out for a quick holiday. 

Pebby Smart Ball (S$300)

The Pebby Smart Ball is a device that comes with a camera, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities that lets you keep the fun going with your pet. Through the Pebby app, you can control and play with your beloved fluffball anytime, anywhere.

This is great for animals that require more monitoring should it have any health or attachment issues. There's even an Auto Play function to let Pebby go wild and gets you back to business. Cats are no exception, and there's a specially designed pet and human-safe laser that's certain to make your feline friend go crazy. 

Pebby is available for purchase here.  

Gosh SmartPult (S$189)

The first ever smart ball launcher that dispenses treats, Gosh SmartPult App-Enabled Ball Launcher challenges your pets to a game of fetch and is a stimulating device which keeps them active at the same time.

When utilized with the SmartPult app, you can control whenever the ball launches and deploy treats whenever you're away from home. The toy is even remotely adjustable through the app and even automatically decides when it’s time to reward your pets. Suitable for the workaholics who can't find time to train their balls of fur. 

The Gosh SmartPult App-Enabled Ball Launcher is available for purchase in Lazada.