5 Singapore videos to make your heart burst with patriotic pride

Get yourself into the SG50 mood with these heart-hitting videos

If you’re a little late to the game, don’t worry, we have just the right videos to get you into the mood.

It’s a little cheesy, we know, but today’s the day you can go all out and not be judged. Don’t fight it. Embrace the red and white. 

The Violin

Who says Singapore has no animation talent? Ervin Han, the director of this delightful short will disprove just that. This quick history lesson has no dialogue, but its stirring soundtrack more than adequately delivers the message across using the violin as a motif.

Watch it here

Home by Homes

The unofficial official song for Singapore never gets old although it’s been done to death. And in this video created by Starhub, it resonates even stronger thanks to the people starring in it. Don’t believe us? Just hit the play button.

Home on MRT

There's just something about this song that brings out the patriot in every Singaporean. The MRT, usually a source of frustration, was transformed into a place of joy through the pure magic of Home. Altogether now - awwww.


Foreign Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam shared this inspiring video on his Facebook page. It shows a young boy, Keller, asking his dad a few questions about his future and it also features a few cameos by Singapore talents. The message is simple, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Watch it here.

Our Singapore

Just in case you haven’t realised, this is this year’s official National Day song (although we know it’s always going to be Home). Penned by Dick Lee, Our Singapore comes in two versions - this atmospheric one performed by the man himself, and a slightly more upbeat one sung by JJ Lin