5 Singapore tech companies to be proud of on National Day

It’s the Republic’s 48th birthday, and we tip our hats off to these Singapore-based tech companies
Five Singapore tech companies to be proud of on National Day

Happy birthday, Singapore! 48 years after its independence, the city-state has churned out a fair share of companies that made its mark with gadgets. Today, we pay tribute to these daring entrepreneurs.

Aftershock PC

Aftershock PC

Move over, Alienware, this Singapore-based company is a force to be reckoned with! While most companies are gearing up for the Intel Haswell refresh on their gaming laptops, Aftershock PC has already offered the update for recent purchases.

This boils down to the customising options for the gaming laptops, allowing gamers to go for broke with the top-tier Intel Haswell processors. Though there are specific models and configurations suggested by Aftershock, you can go nuts with the parts.

For example, the Aftershock X155 lets you add up to 32GB of RAM, toss in multiple 256GB solid state drives, choose among an Nvidia GeForce 765M GTX, 770M GTX or 780M GTX graphics processor unit and many more.

And you can do all that from the Aftershock PC website. Click, configure, buy and if you live in Singapore, have it sent to your home with no delivery charge.

Creative Technologies

Creative Technologies

The company that put Singapore on the lips of every tech pundit has fallen on hard times, but that does not diminish Creative Technologies’ contribution to the tech industry. Led by its founder and CEO Sim Wong Hoo, the company has undeniably evolved the PC market with its Sound Blaster audio technology and portable media players.

Unfortunately, the advent of integrated audio processors on motherboards and Apple’s dominance in digital audio led to the end of Creative’s glory days.

But the company is not going down without a fight. Its latest wave of wireless SoundBlaster speakers and headphones are a testament to its audio legacy. Singapore's first successful tech company is still worth watching.


Pirate3D Buccaneer 3D printer

Arrr, matey! Fancy an affordable 3D printer? Thanks to Pirate3DP’s Buccaneer 3D printer, you can print your own toys without breaking your piggy bank. The Buccaneer, supported by crowdfunding website Kickstarter in May, gathered over US$1.4 million within a month, surpassing its modest US$100,000 goal.

The Singapore company’s founders include Roger Chang, Brendan Goh, and Tsang You Jun, three friends who are advised by tech entrepreneur Neo Kok Beng from the National University of Singapore. Like all great projects, the Buccaneer was born to solve a frustration faced by the three friends - costly 3D printers. Through Kickstarter and S$589,000 in seed investment from Red Dot Ventures, the Buccaneer is tagged at an affordable US$347.

Besides making 3D printers affordable, Pirate3D also provides Cloud Printing that lets you grab model blueprints off their Treasure Island store or create and customise your own 3D objects with the Smart Objects software.


Razer Blade 2013

Mouse, keyboard, headphones, speakers. And finally, ridiculously sleek-looking and powerful gaming laptops. Razer is definitely the company that has built a religion for gamers to follow.

Though Razer is based in San Diego, United States and technically not a Singapore company, the peripheral maker has become a household name for gamers, due to Razer’s CEO and Singaporean Min-Liang Tan. Over the years, Tan has been the driving force behind Razer’s growth as a company that builds products for gamers, by gamers.

Owning a Razer product and using it brings professional gaming to mind, thanks to the numerous e-sports sponsorships by Razer over the last few years. Its products have received mostly positive reviews, such as the recently updated Razer Blade and Razer Blade Pro gaming laptops that are the desire of every gamer out there.


X-mini Uno

Five years ago, it’s hard to imagine that one tiny speaker can pack such a punch when it is extended into a shape of a pill. Today, there is no lack of capsule speakers in the market, mostly inspired by X-mini’s first iterationThe Singapore company’s first capsule speakers are a popular accessory for the great outdoors, perfect for beach parties and able to daisy chain with more X-mini speakers to enhance the sound stage.

New improvements to its speaker system, and adding Bluetooth wireless options to its new lineup have put the X-mini brand ahead of its competitors. If imitation is the best form of flattery, X-mini certainly has been receiving praises from its imitators over the last few years.

Other notable Singapore-based companies

Picky app

Singapore’s status as a regional hub for tech startups has also helped app developers to carve out a niche here. There is no lack of made-in-Singapore apps that cater to the insatiable food, movie and shopping needs of Singapore residents.

One such example is Picky, a free food recommendation app that showcases the best cuisine near your location, and has an extensive list of places for you to grab some decent grub. The people behind Picky are also the makers of Popcorn, a movie listing and booking app for iOS and Android that is a hot favourite among moviegoers here.

Besides apps, even martial arts get a digital kick through Evolve University, an online extension of Singapore-based mixed martial arts academy Evolve MMA.

Here's to more good years, and greater tech innovations from companies in Singapore!