5 reasons to attend Tech in Asia Singapore 2015

Too many tech startups to visit, too little time? Let us be your guide

Why the heck are we mentioning Tech in Asia Singapore 2015, you ask? Isn’t it a conference for startups to showcase their next big idea?

Well, that’s exactly why. Because the future isn’t just created by the big names such as Apple, Samsung and whoever has a stake in the game. Sure, they have the resources and reach to make things happen.

But never, ever underestimate the resourcefulness and tenacity of the startups. For they are the seeds that bring ideas to fruition.

So why not get a sneak peek into the future of your tech world, through the wide-eyed startups that want to make a difference?

Kickstart Stage

Kickstarting is serious business. So serious, it requires a meticulous plan to execute. After all, an idea is only an idea, a product just a mere product.

Until it goes to market, that is. That’s when the rules of the game change. Kickstart Stage is the point where startups learn the nuances of market expansion in different countries. So if you’re an aspiring startup, see the full agenda and choose your territory. 

Startup-Investor Speed Dating

Yes, it’s really a speed dating event for startups to woo investors. And it’s perfectly legit. For this is where startups get to pitch their ideas to investors. And in the process, earn their trust (and hopefully their funds) to bring the next big thing into reality.

Watch the Arena

There can be only one. That is, one winner of the US$15,000 prize money and a Tech in Asia Singapore Champion Trophy. Okay, so this is really more for you to see startups duking it out, with the chosen 10 given stage time to pitch their ideas to investors.

While there won’t be a catfight of sorts, you’ll get to see startups putting their biggest effort ever to pitch. Because this is what we call the deep end, when startups aren’t just doing a one-to-one pitch. It’s a live, no-holds barred moment to captivate an audience.

Night Crawl

All talk and no booze makes for a boring conference. That, is not what you’ll get from Tech in Asia Singapore 2015. When the clock strikes 6pm, you can head on over to a few locations to enjoy some finger food, knock a few mugs and mingle with like-minded folks. For the full list of locations, visit http://events.techinasia.com/sg2015/night-crawl/