5 outrageous ideas for Suntec City's giant record-breaking video wall

84-in 4K UHD tellys have nothing on these 664 screens that smashed the Guinness World Record
5 outrageous ideas for Suntec City's giant record-breaking video wall

You might have been dazzled by a sudden blast of brightness as you strolled by after your weekend shop. And that’s no surprise; you’re in the presence of a World Record luminary - a gigantic video wall displaying pupil-popping light and colour.

Suntec City, home to Singapore's tech bargain fairs, took upgrading to another level by plastering its Convention Hall entrance with 664 full HD LED screens, courtesy of LG’s brilliant display know-how. This feat has earned the shopping mall the Guinness World Record title of “Largest High Definition Video Wall” for it, on top of its world’s largest fountain title in 1998.

In the spirit of world records, here are some other records for Suntec City to break.

1. Largest World Cup viewing party

1. Largest World-Cup-viewing Party

664 different displays equal a massive 15-metre times 60-metre moving wall. For footie fans, the sheer size will add on to the excitement of watching 22 men chasing after one ball on a big, green pitch.

Since the 2014 World Cup is around the corner, we figure that massive display like this should be put to some good entertainment use. Should there be simultaneous matches, those 664 screens could be split into smaller sections to make sure no one misses out on any precious footie action. Ole!

[Image: SantaBanta]

2. Coolest larger-than-life GTA competition

Coolest larger-than-life GTA Competition

Imagine this - playing Grand Theft Auto V on that ginormous screen and its accompanying Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro sound system. Watch the cutscenes in larger than life details in full, glorious high definition, hear mind-blowing explosions and double, nay, triple the excitement of a car chase, heist and any other funky missions in the city of Los Santos.

Personally, we'd like to give it a go at Suntec City (*nudge* *hint*) after the mall is closed. If not, we can play GTA 3 with Google Glass in the future.

3. Busiest Google Hangout ever

3. Busiest Google Hangout ever

 With so many screens, you could pack an entire MNC's worth of employees into a single giant Google Hangout. Please just let it be about anything but work, or there may be the off chance someone gets caught nodding off in stunning resolution, drool and all. Yikes.

[Image: GigaOM]

4. World's hardest Where’s Wally

4. World's hardest Where’s Wally

It’s about time someone developed a moving version of Where’s Wally, and this screen is perfect for its debut. Give the poor chap a chance, let him slip in and out of crowds.

Given that this moving multimedia wall packs 21 times the resolution of 4K-UHD, Wally will not be a red and white blur lost in the masses. How's that for a new spin on previously stagnant Where’s Wally gameplay? We can't guarantee you won't go cross-eyed though.

[Image: The Drum]

5. Cosiest sci-fi movie marathon

5. Cosiest sci-fi movie marathon

There’s no point in screening a chick-flick on such a magnificent display; we don’t need to check out Bridget Jones’ pores.

What truly deserves to be on a screen this size are science fiction movies with their impeccably designed dystopian worlds and futuristic gadgetry. Just make sure to close the road off first, and include these films in the screening list.

Also, overflowing tubs of buttery popcorn and beanbag couches will be much appreciated.