5 of the best personal electric vehicles in Singapore - reviewed

Get around on your own without paying for an expensive COE

We’ve already talked about how Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) such as electric scooters or even unicycles are becoming viable forms of transport in our urban landscape.

Now that you’ve got all you need to know about owning an electric scooter or unicycle in Singapore, it’s time to shop for one. To make your task easier, we’ve rounded up three of the best options for you here in the Ninebot One electric unicycle, Inokim Quick 2 electric scooter, and ZoomAir 2 electric scooter. To see them in action, check out our Youtube video above.

Additional words by Bang Ong and Nick Measures

Stuff Says ✭✭✭✩✩

It is better to do too much than too little, and the MUV-E suffers and benefits from that apparent approach. It is certainly a competent and stable electric vehicle, and great for cruising around on, especially for long continuous journeys. It's tilting wheels, while innovative, are a somewhat superfluous and confused addition to an otherwise enjoyable ride.

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