5 of the best electric scooters available in Singapore

They’re the perfect gift for urban commuters

For travelling short distances, an e-scooter seriously beats walking, especially in our climate.

Like if your office is just a few bus stops away from your office, or there’s quite a distance between your home and/or office from the MRT station.

They’re relatively light, they get you to your destination with minimal sweating, and they’re really quite fun. Here are five of the best you can get right now


The Ninebot Mini Pro isn’t really a scooter in the traditional sense, but there’s no other way to classify this Segway-like vehicle. And no, even though it’s similar, it’s not like those supposed “Hoverboards” that people are using in the US right now, but so much more.

Those rely on awkward pedal motion, but the Ninebot Mini Pro is much more intuitive and maneuverable, relying on built-in robotic sensors to steer based on your centre of gravity. Lean forward and you go forward, lean left and you steer left.

It’s as close as you can get to a real personal robot transport, with a compact footprint that’s barely more than the actual space you occupy, allowing you to go just about anywhere. Plus it has a decent speed and range of 18km/h up to 30km despite being just 12.8kg.

Where to buy it: Get notified when it’s available online from Lazada here.


It was the winner of our group test a couple of months ago, and its standing has not changed, even if the new Zero Electric Scooter below pips it in terms of weight.

The Air 2 has a good balance of portability and stability at 10.7kg, plus it folds up in an instant for great convenience too. It takes almost no time at all to learn to ride, with adequate amounts of acceleration and braking power to handle almost all your commuting needs.

In fact, it’s so light that you could use it as a regular kick scooter if you’re ever unfortunate enough to run out of battery. Though that’s hard with its 25km range maximum and 2 hour recharge time.

Where to buy it: Get it from Falcon PEV for S$1099.


One of the most stable, solid, and sturdy electric scooters you can find, the 27km-range Inokim Quick 2 has enough power and equipment to handle just about anything you can throw at it.

It’s got full 10in pneumatic tyres to absorb road bumps, front caliper brakes and a full disc brake on the rear wheel for maximum stopping power. What’s more, there are three different speeds up to 27km/h for you to optimise usage for your journey.

However, all this performance comes at the price of portability, weighing the Quick 2 down at 14.5kg. It’s also not the easiest to fold or carry around due to its size, so it’s probably best as a short range point-to-point mode of transport. There’s also a 55km version if you need the extra reach.

Where to buy it: Get it from Falcon PEV for S$1990.


If you’re looking for something like the Inokim Quick 2, but lighter and more compact, the Inokim Light is it.

Sporting the same excellent build quality as its larger sibling with smaller 8.5in pneumatic tyres, the 12kg Light isn’t quite as planted as the Quick 2. It also only has two speeds (17 and 25km/h) instead of three though, and one set of drum brakes on the rear wheel.

That said, it still provides a pleasantly smooth, stable ride up to 25km, and should fill in nicely if you need to travel on public transport as part of your commute.

Where to buy it: Get it from Falcon PEV for S$1599.


The lightest electric scooter in the world at an amazing 6.3kg, it’s the most portable PEV you can buy.

Made from carbon fibre for optimum strength and weight, the Zero folds really easily to boot, making your daily trips to and from work easier than ever. With a max range of 25km and top speed of 25km/h, you’re assured of reaching your destination swiftly too.

If all else fails, you could use the Zero just like a regular kick scooter in similar fashion to the Zoom Air 2 above, and with less effort too since it’s lighter.

However, being so lightweight has its disadvantages. When coupled with the thin 5in tubeless rubber tyres, the Zero doesn’t provide the best grip and stability while travelling, so make sure your journey is mostly paved roads to ensure comfort.

Where to buy it: Get it at the end of December from Falcon PEV for S$1499.