5 apps that will spook up your smartphone this Halloween

We're sure your costume is prepped. Now kit out your smartphone with these five iOS and Android apps

Photo credit: www.baxtervillage.com

Dungeon Keeper

Dungeons always make for a good Halloween theme. But if you don't have the time to turn your home into the perfect dungeon cave (or find willing prisoners), you can always do it digitally with this brand new game from EA. As a remake of the classic mid-90s game, Dungeon Keeper, this free app once again puts you in the role of the big, bad, prison boss. Build the perfect dungeon, raid others and slap a few imps around to make them work harder. A power trip with an evil twist? We can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween at home.

Android: $free

Zombie Run

Zombie Run

Plain old fitness apps can be boring. How about one that puts you right in the middle of a zombie infestation? Well, at least virtually that is. This app puts the fun and horror of Halloween into running. As a combination of fitness app, running game and immersive storytelling told to you through your headphones, this fitness/gaming hybrid will definitely make you want to run for your life. What healthier way to spend your Halloween?

iOS: $4.98

Android: $5.08

Halloween TK Photo Cookbook

What’s Halloween without a little bit of (trick or) treating and good eats? This app is filled to the brim with Halloween-inspired recipes to make that Halloween party of yours even spookier. And if there’s too much leftover candy the day after, it even has a few recipes that’ll let you whip up something good with them.

iOS: $2.58

Halloween crafts and projects

Dress up your Halloween with some spooky cheer and decorations. This app easily has a collection of over 100 different craft projects to spook up your home for that Halloween party of yours. Best part is that most of the projects in here can be made from stuff that you’ll most likely be throwing away in any case.

iOS: $2.58

Halloween Sound Lab

Spooking people out during Halloween is a combination of sights and sound, and what better app to give you that all surround sound spookiness than Halloween Sound lab? With over 40 sounds and 6 music tracks, you’ll have the perfect app to set your Halloween party’s mood, and maybe scare a few kids in the process. 

iOS: $free