5 apps that'll help you beat the Chinese New Year traffic in Singapore

Out for Chinese New Year visits? Use these apps to dodge those nasty jams

City slickers have to live with an immutable truth - traffic congestion is here to stay. And government help or not, the fact is, it's not getting any better in Singapore.

In its latest survey, navigation device maker TomTom reported an increase in traveling times from various parts of Singapore to the central district. Hot spots from Bukit Timah have seen a whopping 111 per cent increase in travel time while journeys from Tampines to Raffles Place have increased by a small, yet still significant, 41 per cent. That's pretty high for suburban areas like Tampines.

Yes, driving in Singapore is getting worse but you don’t have to let the daunting traffic conditions stop you from driving that ridiculously expensive Lamborghini of yours. Some good planning with these traffic and navigation apps will definitely lower your blood pressure and ensure a fast and smooth ride.

Image credt: Øivind Rånes

MyTransport Singapore

No one ever plans to fail, but more often then not, they always fail to plan. Drivers have to wrestle with that oh so agonising decision - to head into a standstill traffic of the supposedly "faster" expressway, or take the slow and steady pace of the normal roads.

Information is crucial when it comes to making a route decision. MyTransport Singapore provides valuable information for drivers to make some of that traffic headache disappear. With various red flags such as an active Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry and road works that could grind cars to a sudden halt, tapping into MyTransport Singapore will keep you informed and put you one step ahead of infinite traffic boredom.

Why you should use this app: It’s free, and it’s not just limited to drivers. Bus arrival timings are also included in the app for pedestrians to plan their journeys too.

Price: Free, available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store