4 practical gifts you can draw into existence

3Doodle your own Christmas gifts for the ultimate personal touch

3D printers are way passé when you consider that 3Doodling allows you to draw things into existence.

It’s the stuff that the magical world of Hogwarts is made of, except that this is real life. It’s as simple as loading PLA into the pen, hitting a button and tracing using stencils, or freehand if you’re feeling fancy. 


It's hard work shopping for a wallet especially when you're so particular about the compartments that need to be in there. If you can't buy one, make one. This is the best way to customise your own wallet with the perfect number of card slots.

Phone case

If you're going to slap a case on your phone, might as well make it unique. And we promise, with 3Doodler, you will never find another phone case like yours, unless you ripped your design off the internet...

Hipster glasses

Gift it as an ironic gesture, or not. What could possibly be more hipster than black frames without lenses? One you made yourself in keeping with the self-sufficient nu-hipster genre.