The 4 most interesting features of the unique Zuk Z2 Pro

Wet fingerprint recognition and a home button you can do more with make for a different smartphone

Sometimes the most interesting features can be found in the least obvious of smartphones.

In this case, it’s Lenovo’s Zuk Z2 Pro. It tops out at 6GB RAM and 128GB memory for all your media files, has a 5.2-in display averaging 424ppi, with a 3100mAH battery, and a 13MP camera. That just forms the foundation of its more than curious features. Read on to find out what they are.

Wet fingers, don't care

Anybody with a case of the palm sweats will tell you that fingerprint recognition can be more of a bane than a boon. The spokesperson on hand said that it can recognise damp digits, but not sopping wet ones to the point of leaving water droplets behind when you lift your finger.

We tried and it worked incredibly quickly although it took numerous tries. But then again, we were dipping our prints in water before trying. It should work fairly well with damp fingers, say if you’ve just left the toilet or held up a frosty pint of beer.


There’s a heart rate sensor on the back that you can make use of just by touching your index finger on the area just below the camera. A glowing light will let you know if you’ve hit the mark.

There’s a heartbeat mode within the native camera app. When selected, you can rest your finger on the heart rate sensor on its rear to take a sellfie with someone and have your heart rate captured when you lift your finger. Or, more significantly, trigger the shutter when your heart rate experiences a sudden increase, say if you were with someone who makes your pulse race. It’s a little gimmicky (like that age prediction feature in certain camera apps) given that operation will be tricky in landscape mode but hey, it got our attention.