4 of the best OnePlus 3 alternatives

Meet the other S$600 handsets you might want to consider

The OnePlus 3 is comfortably sitting on top of Stuff's Top 10 smartphone list for a reason.

It packs world-beating specs into a gorgeously slim, metal body, and it somehow only costs about S$600.

If you’re after a new handset with the best bang-for-buck potential, it’s a no-brainer, but there are a few other similarly price options you might want to consider too.

The handsets below won’t beat the OnePlus 3 on specs alone - it’s by far the most powerful on-paper handset thanks to its Snapdragon 820 processor and whopping 6GB of RAM - but they each offer something a little different, which may end up being more important to you than raw specs alone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (S$660)

For around S$60 more than the OnePlus 3, you can nab the Galaxy Note 4. Its screen is larger at 5.7 inches, making it ideal for movies, but its main selling point it its S Pen stylus, which’ll be right up your street if you’re a doodling notetaker. Its removable battery and microSD slot also one-up the OnePlus 3. Given that it's two years old though, this one's probably for serious stylus-heads only.

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Apple iPhone 5s (S$700)

Yes, we know, Apple is the enemy, and how dare we suggest you consider jumping over from the Android camp. But some of you might feel like switching things up and seeing what all the iOS fuss is about. The iPhone 6 will still set you back about S$300 more than the OnePlus 3, but you can pick up a 16GB iPhone 5s for considerably cheaper. Make sure you make full use of music streaming services and Google Photos to store your snaps, mind - that storage space will be eaten up before you know it.

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