3 tech gifts that will please even the untechy

It's all about fun and functionality

Here at Stuff, we understand that not everyone gets as googly-eyed as we do when presented with tech tchotchkes. But there are some gadgets that will bring joy into anyone’s life, even if you’re the most plebeian of users.

Ahead, a list of cool stuff that will make just about everyone crack a smile on Christmas morning. Happy shopping.

Garmin x Disney Vivofit Jr 2, S$149

We know, we know. This is pitched at kids, but we bet you can think of more than a few adults who might want this in their own collection. These activity trackers come emblazoned with your favourite Disney characters like BB-8, Iron Man and Captain America, and make fitness fun thanks to corresponding mobile app adventures.

Complete missions to advance in your journey and unlock new character icons on your always-on colour screen. You can even program your tracker to remind you to do tasks like, uh, finish your homework or brush your teeth. Perfect for that big boy who never grew up.

Buy it now from selected retailers including Popular Bookstore, Best Denki, Courts, Tangs, Harvey Norman, Tangs, Isetan and more.

Canon Rayo S1, S$599

It’s Bluetooth speaker…it’s a power bank…it’s an external hard drive…it’s a – well, it’s something far cooler than all those things. The Canon Rayo S1 is a mini projector that you can tote around to turn just about any room into a party zone or home cinema.

The battery lasts for two hours on a single charge, long enough for you to squeeze in a screening of the original Blade Runner with a toilet break in between. At just 240g and about the size of a CD case (remember those?), you won’t even regret stashing it in your bag just for its side benefits: that speaker, 3800mAh power bank and 4GB external storage. 

Buy it now from Canon Singapore's online store.

Apple AirPods, S$238

There are some things you just have to try to see the benefits in, and wireless earbuds are one of them. Among the many that have sprouted this year, Apple’s version is probably the easiest for most folks to like, with its neat, compact design that can be slipped into the smallest of bags or pockets, and easy pairing with your phone.

It’s tough explaining to luddites the plus points of these things – like how you can carry a clutch without having to worry if your earphone cables are long enough, or not having to remove your headphones when you hang your bag on the loo door as you’re using the toilet. So just gift someone a pair this Christmas and let them experience the perks for themselves. 

Buy them now from the Apple Singapore online store.