25 most unforgettable Grand Theft Auto moments

With Grand Theft Auto 5 just around the corner, we take a look back at some of the finest moments from the series
Grand Theft Auto Online

In just under a week, Grand Theft Auto 5 hits store shelves around the world.

It’s fair to say that anticipation for the latest version of the open-world crim-sim is through the roof – because with the GTA series, Rockstar Games has consistently upped the ante for just how fun, massive and downright hilarious games can be.

We’ve rummaged through our cupboard of memories to pick out 25 of the highlights – and it was no easy task.

But 20,000 pedestrian kills, 1,500 counts of car theft and umpteen police chases later, we came up with the following to tide you over until GTA 5 arrives.


The first indication that GTA wasn’t like other games came when you splattered your first procession of Hare Krishnas – mow down every last orange-robed tambourine-banger and you’d be rewarded with an onscreen message saying "GOURANGA!", lots of points and a slight feeling of guilt. It was a statement of intent from DMA Design, Rockstar’s old name – the gleefully anarchic Grand Theft Auto was here, and it didn’t care who it offended.