11 tips and tricks to master Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

How to be the very best Magikarp trainer, like no one ever was

Jump and flop higher than any Magikarp has ever jumped.

It sounds silly, but Magikarp Jump is downright addictive (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play). Basically you train your Magikarp to jump higher than other Magikarps in a sort of Magikarp jump league. Go download it now, we’ll wait.

Or you’ve already played the game for a week, but you’re tired of constantly levelling up your Magikarp hoping for something new to happen.

Here are some tips and tricks to making a big splash in the world of Magikarp Jump without spending any money. 

Each Magikarp is different

You already know that a Magikarp has a maximum level based on your current Trainer level.

But you can also guess which Magikarp can be the very best, from the Fisherman’s remarks when you fish up a new generation:

  • Not much of an individual, though, is it?
  • It's got some individuality, I'd say
  • That is one singularly stunning individual
  • And it's quite the individual! It's got some real personality

The better its personality, the better its abilities and potential Jump Power can be. 

Don’t be frugal

Once you unlock new food and training items, immediately buy them without question (or save up if you run out of coins). This will help in defeating the league faster, and training new generation Magikarps.

Extra tip: When you buy a new training regimen, your next Training Point spent will be used on that regimen for sure, 100%. Spend as many coins as you can on its upgrades for an extra early boost.