10 weird things you used to do on MSN Messenger

Epic throwback to the golden age of online chatting

Remember the days you used to rush home from school to go online and chat with the friends you literally just said bye to?

Such was the power of MSN Messenger, and your teenage self still remembers it fondly. From the classic emoticons to the compulsive behaviour we all exhibited online at some point or other, there’s a lot we loved about that old messaging client.

In fact, forget Whatsapp and Snapchat, we’d gladly trade them in for another shot at MSN Messenger. Who’s with us?

TyPiNg oUt eVeRyThInG LyK DiS

Or just making all our texts as unreadable as possible. Till this day, we’ll never understand what on earth possessed us to think that spamming the shift key alternately while typing was a good idea, and yet all the cool kids were doing it. Not only is text like that a nightmare on the eyeballs, it’s also horribly inefficient — it took us a good 50 seconds to type that headline, although our involuntary cringe-spasms throughout might have had something to do with that.

Signing in and out to get someone’s attention

Your crush just came online and you’re dying to talk to him/her but you can’t just say hi like a normal well-adjusted human being because that would be social suicide. Signing in and out would have sent a pop-up notification to your entire contacts list, alerting said crush to your presence. Then the waiting game would begin as you tried to play it cool but really you were just staring intently at the screen and praying for that message screen to pop up. And you wonder why you still have compulsive tendencies today.