10 toys every Back to the Future superfan should own

Because today is the actual Future Day Marty McFly is going to arrive on, and we want to be prepared

Back to the Future Day is upon us, and this year, it is the actual predicted day of future awesomeness.

But a quick look around and you’d no doubt be disappointed - this is not the world that was so vividly and alluringly advertised 30 years ago. In fact, it’s fallen depressingly short of its lofty cinematic imaginings; can we get a refund please?

That’s heavy, doc. Well, in a world where hoverboards don’t really hover and flying cars are really just small planes, every BTTF fan is hoping for the same thing: that the movie didn’t get the details wrong, only the timing.

In the meantime, in celebration of the movie’s 30th anniversary, as well as its epic pop culture impact, here’s a list of 10 toys for all the wannabe Marty Mcflys out there.

Flux Capacitor Watch (US$65 (S$90))

It's oversized, it's chunky and you'll probably use your smartphone to tell the time instead of trying to count the lights, but nothing says BTTF fan like a flux capacitor on your wrist.

Based on the fictional device of the same name, the watch uses the flux flashes to blip out the actual time, while displaying the date on the LCD strip underneath. There is a button you can press to generate a random date, so you can, you know, imagine going back to a random point in time. Close enough for us! See you in the future!

Get the Flux Capacitor Watch here

Flux Capacitor Car USB Charger (US$36 (S$50))

You know what's better than a fluxing watch? An actual fluxing flux capacitor in your car! And a working one at that. Except it doesn't go back in time so much as charge your devices via USB. But put on Huey Lewis and let your car reach 100kph and it will probably feel as good as actual time travel.

Right before you get pulled over by the traffic police. Totally worth it though. Well, maybe.

Get the Flux Capacitor Car USB Charger here

Mattel Hoverboard Prop (US$460 (S$640))

Sadly, no matter how you cut it, hoverboard enthusiasts are going to have to settle for less, at least for now.

From complete hoaxes (Funny or Die) to publicity stunts (Lexus) to non-hovering "hoverboards", we've been disappointed time and time again. So before Hendo or Tesla get it right, why not own a movie prop replica? At least this hoverboard looks just right, and even makes the authentic whoosh sounds when you move it around.

Hilariously, the item description also reads "does not fly". Maybe if you stuck a quartet of clear plastic wheels underneath... Any skateboard manufacturers reading this? Make it so.

Get Mattel Hoverboard Prop here