11 tips every Uber power user should know

We've got a ton of ride-sharing tips to share

Ask anyone in the world to name the first ride-sharing app they can think of and they’d probably say Uber.

Having successfully dominated over 50 countries and 300 cities worldwide, they’ve quickly become a favourite amongst people in Singapore.

To really get the full Uber experience, try out these ten tips and tricks, and start using the app in a whole new way.

Checking your Uber score

Just like the drivers, every Uber passenger has an Uber score. Yes, we as passengers are being rated by our drivers as well, and if our scores dip too low, we might find it harder to catch a ride, or even be kicked out of the system.

To check what your score is, tap on the menu listing in the top left corner, go into the Help Menu, and select the Account menu. There, pick the option that reads “I’d like to know my rating”. You’ll be able to submit a request to see your rating and see it instantly. 

Get a perfect 5 score

If you find your score falling dangerously low, then you should probably revise the way you’ve been treating your Uber drivers. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your driver will give you that 5-star rating.

  • Double-check that the right pickup location and destination address are entered into the system
  • Don’t be late, and if you are, drop him a call or a message to let him know
  • Treat your uber driver with respect: This means not only being nice to them and avoiding backseat driving, but also treating his car with respect and avoid littering, eating in the car, or smoking.
  • If you’re using Uber overseas, tip. Singaporeans aren’t accustomed to the act of tipping, but in countries like the US, no tip may mean no 5-star rating. Harsh.
  • Give him a five-star rating too, because bribing him to give you a good rating almost always works.

Sharing your journey

If you’re rushing to meet a friend, or are travelling by yourself late at night, share the details of your ride with your friends or family so they can track your ride along with you. This is especially great for anyone worried about safety, as the link that Uber provides not only tracks your phone’s GPS, it also shares your drivers’ details to keep them accountable in case, y’know, you disappear off the face of the earth. 

For iOS users, tap or slide up from the bar at the bottom of your screen, and select  “Share my ETA”. For Android users, tap the Share my ETA button at the top of your screen. You can then send the generated message to anyone in your contact list.