10 reasons why you should play The Sims to feel better about your life

Admit it, you’ve been playing The Sims for the last 15 years to stay in control of your uncontrollable life

The Sims, the most iconic life simulation game is into its 15th year. We’ve literally grown up playing God and dictating our Sims’ every move.

There are so many reasons to love the game but in truth, everyone loves it for how it imitates real life. With a few minor differences here and there though.

Don’t believe us? When you’re done the 10 similarities you and your Sim share, you might go “Woah” and require a chill pill to stay calm and carry on playing The Sims 4.


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1. You learn valuable life lessons

Friendships are like plants, if you don’t water them they wither. Your Sim is best friends with Bella Goth, but because you’re too busy with your own life – working, starting a family, upgrading your house, raising your children – over time your relationship with Bella decreases and before you know it, you’ve lost your best friend.

Art (well, game actually) imitates reality, eh?

Also, it’s always good to know that you should never be too lazy to wash your dishes. Leaving dirty dishes around for too long attracts flies and you never know when you get attacked by a swarm of insects.

2. Hitting the motherlode

You just want money. And in real life, who doesn’t? You want loads of it to build the biggest, most ridiculous house for your Sim. Cover the grounds with hot tubs, and walls with so many flat screens TVs, you forget what the original wallpaper looked like. Hell, you even have money to construct a pool that’s as big as your house. Since you can’t get all that in real life, The Sims is the best form of escapism.

3. You get to restart your virtual life

Your Sim is now living the high-life and swimming in money. Crap, now he/she (or it?) has everything, what’s next? Start over of course! You get excited at the prospect of playing a good game – creating a new family, moving them into a modest place with the cheap furnishings, getting them a job and then watching your new family grow and prosper.

But… damn, that cheap toilet keeps getting clogged, you’re broke and your Sim’s too tired to do anything. Ohhh screw it, time for a new expensive toilet that won't clog… Motherlode it is!