10 most awesome SGAG meme characters of 2013

Because nothing says anything better than a meme
10 most awesome SGAG meme characters of 2013

There's nothing like a good meme with a heavy dose of Singaporean humour to lighten any kind of situation.

It's been a crazy year in Singapore. As the local intepretation of original funny site 9GAG, the folks behind SGAG have been staying on top of it all and making us chortle the whole of 2013.

Whether it is with their snarky Singaporean responses to local news, Tuesday food philosophy or taking the piss out of situations, they celebrate the essence of being unapologetically Singaporean in every meme. 

To end 2013, we’re looking back at our favourite SGAG meme characters, badly photoshopped and all. Here's to a funnier 2014. 

Images: SGAG