10 of the most awesome movie homes you'd want to live in

Always dreamed of that 2000 square foot condo over by the bay? That's nothing compared to these movie pads
Wayne Manor: The Dark Knight Rises

Forget those architectural mags you're trying to get inspiration off for your next home. These 10 silver screen homes will leave you inspired and a little green with envy.

1. Wayne Manor from The Dark Knight Rises

Stately Wayne Manor is an extremely desirable residence in the "Jacobethan" style. Owned by the Wayne family since the Civil War era, the house has an impressive array of reception rooms and ballrooms. Not to mention a nice "surprise" underneath its foundations.

2. Danny, Walter and Lisa's home from Zathura: A Space Adventure

Zathura: A Space Adventure house

This Crafstman-style house gets into a heap load of trouble when it gets whisked into outer space in the movie. Fortunately, all the battering by meteors and blasting by Zorgons you saw were only inflicted on a miniature of the home. The real deal does exist and is in fact still in tact in South Pasadena.

3. Kevin Flynn's digital home from Tron: Legacy

Tron Legacy: Kevin Flynn's digital home

More chillout Parisian nightclub lounge than a home, this minimalist and futuristic setup of Kevin Flynn is filled with black walls, underlift floor panels and Perspex rococo tables. It's something that most of the Stuff team wouldn't mind living in, especially if we could have a light cycle parked indoors.

4. Korben Dallas' 23rd century New York pad from The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element: Korben Dallas' Home

If there's one thing in the future that won't have changed, is that space is a premium, especially in 23rd century New York. Korben Dallas' pad may be compact, but it can fit in a surprising amount of people. And despite it being only one room, it's kitted with everything a home needs from a reconstituting cooker to a hidden shower unit. 

Korben Dallas' home render by Veaplan

5. Philip Vandamm's lair from North by Northwest

North by Northwest: Philip Vandamm's Home

The lair of the movie's villain Philip Vandamm is beautiful Modernist salute to celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It's not real though since the setting is in Mount Rushmore, a national park. The Modernist master didn’t build it either since he was too expensive for Hollywood so Hitchcock instead relied on set designers to build this beauty up.