10 lesser known Google apps you need to have

Looking for a helpful new app to download onto your phone? We might just have a few Google gems for you

We all know how powerful Google’s ecosystem of application is. From Gmail, to Google Docs, Maps and Drive, we’ve seen first hand the usefulness of these free applications on a daily basis.

Those Google applications that come pre-installed on your Android phone might be the most established apps in the Google empire, but they’re not all there are in the market. We've done the work for you and these are the apps that you should be adding to your arsenal. 


On the top of our list, we have Inbox. It’s like a supercharged version of Gmail.

What Inbox does essentially is pretty much transform your Gmail interface into a kind of to-do list. It helps sort through and organise your email in a more efficient manner. However, the interface is quite different from your regular Gmail, so some might not be into the way it works.

Nevertheless, here are some perks of using Inbox:

●     Automatically categorized messages into 7 sub-classes

- Financial messages

- Social updates

- Forums

- Promotions

- Purchases

- Low-priority

- Messages

- Updates

●     Deal with messages in a bundle (e.g Archive all Social Updates)

●     Snooze a message by deferring them until a later time, or when you get to a certain place (yes, an actual location)

Download Inbox on iOS/Android

Google Keep

When people think of taking notes with Google, they usually think of Docs. It is surprising how so few people know about Google Keep - a syncing notepad that is linked to both Google Drive and Google Docs. It also not only allows text notes, but photo notes, voice notes, and checklists too.

User-interface wise, it’s colorful and easy to use in your usual Google fashion. The customisable sticky note colours allow for you to tell your personal notes apart from your work-related ones, and if color-coding is not enough, there are labels you can use, too.

With Google Keep, you get a really light note-taker that's incredibly fast, capable of cross-platform use, and a tool that makes note-organisation effortless.

Oh, and did we mention, you can stick those sticky notes on your Android home screen? Handy. 

Download Google Keep on iOS/Android

Field Trip

Made by Niantic Labs (a sub-team within Google), Field Trip informs you of all the cool things around you as you pass by specific locations.

Running in the background, it constantly pops up new cards on interesting facts on real life places as you walk by them, From learning about local history to finding the best places to shop, eat and hang out at, Field Trip acts as your guide to things you never knew were interesting around you. 

Download Field Trip on iOS/Android