10 bizarre tech gadgets you can get right now

What a time to be alive

Technology has always been mankind’s greatest creation since sliced bread. Because of these hardworking engineers and designers, they have made our everyday lives a load easier and sometimes entertaining. However, not everyone was born to be a Steve Jobs.

These inventions do attempt to somehow solve our problems in a weird and unconventional way. But if you think they are useful for you, get them right now.

Massage gaming controller

Remember how our parents always asked for massages after a long day at work and we’d willingly agree to (unless you are an ungrateful brat)? But let’s be honest, we wished it was a lot more fun.

Well, it turns out that it can be. The back of this vest consists of buttons that is meant to replace your game controller. While this controller does kill two birds with one stone, try to refrain from killing your partner in the middle of your deathmatch.

Interested in getting one? Go make it yourself.

No seriously, this isn’t sold on shelves. The developer designed a tutorial on his website on how to make one from your own home. It’s a DIY product which will save you a couple of bucks if you already have some of the required materials.

Have fun.

Monohm Runcible (the circular phone)

Seeing your circle of friends on your device has never been so literal.

Though this device looks futuristic, it’s meant to take minimize your time spent glued to your smartphone screen. It has vague social media notifications but does alert you when important calls and messages come in.

The point of this is to reconnect you with your surroundings. Its old-fashioned preferences are shown through its wooden cover and circular design meant to replicate a pocket watch. There probably isn’t a better way to portray a modern-day Christopher Columbus than using Google Maps with this.

You can get your very own Runcible here.


It’s a stove, it’s a portable charger, no, it’s a portable charging stove.

This is the key to being the coolest scout in your troop. While you might have some doubts on buying this for your eight-year-old son, this will win you the “Best dad ever” mug on your next camping trip with the family.

The stove also acts as a campfire for you to burn twigs in so you can charge your phone in warmth. It claims to give you an hour's worth of talk time on your phone with just 20 mins of charging which isn’t so bad. Check it out here.