The 10 best video games from Singapore

Singaporean pride burns bright with these marvelous games from our small nation.

It's Singapore's birthday, so what better way to celebrate National Day than binging on video games?

Singapore is no stranger to the video games scene, with many great games spawning from this little red dot, highlighting the immense talent and creativity we have.

We’ve assembled a list of 10 stellar games from Singapore to commemorate National Day, the right way.

Autumn Dynasty (iOS/Android)

Autumn Dynasty is a touch-based real-time strategy game developed by Touch Dimensions for iOS and Android. The game boasts a real-time strategy experience designed from the ground up to fully utilise mobile touchscreens. Plus, its visuals mimic the sweeping magnificence of traditional Chinese paintings, as each gesture on the screen translates into brush strokes, not unlike the cult classic game Okami.

Download Autumn Dynasty for either iOS or Android

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows (PC/PS4)

Ask someone to think of a game made in Singapore and they would probably point you towards Masquerada: Songs and Shadows by Witching Hour Studios, whose Kickstarter campaign made waves when it launched in 2016.

Masquerada makes use of a real-time combat system that allows you to pause in the heat of battle to collect yourself and strategise amidst fast-paced fights. Thoughtful characters and story also make up a heavy portion of the game, and promises to enchant you, especially with hard-hitting voice actors Jennifer Hale and Matthew Mercer in the mix.

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! (PC)

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is a lot of things. It is a game from Singaporean video games developer and publisher Daylight Studios. It is the second entry in the “Holy Potatoes!” series of games (the first being Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!). It is choc full of cute art and fun pop culture references. And it is a roguelike space exploration role-playing game with turn-based mechanics.

Heroic potato sisters Cassie and Fay have to travel throughout space to rescue their grandfather, gathering resources for spaceship and weapon upgrades along the way, all the while hiring potato engineers to man their ships.

Not sure if it’s your kind of game? There’s a free demo available for download on its Steam page too so try it now.