10 of the best PEVs you can get in Singapore right now

Because as we all know, walking is so 2015

Last mile solutions, mid distance vehicles - whatever you know them as, personal electric vehicles have taken our commuting landscape by storm.

As Singaporeans young and old embrace this new culture of electric powered personal transport, you may be wondering: is there a PEV out there just for you?

If you’re thinking of getting one, prepare to be overwhelmed by a deluge of choices, big to small. Since the PEV boom, there have been a proliferation of branded scooters and competent copycats all vying for your hard earned cash. So what is an uninformed consumer to do? Fear not, because we’re here to help you decide: here are 10 of the best PEVs you can get in Singapore.

Zero 2.0 - S$999

The Zero 2.0 is one of the lightest e-scooters available. Made of carbon fibre, it weighs only 6.4kg, and can take a weight of up to 100kg.

It also has a decent range for such a small scooter, giving you 15km on the smaller battery, and double that if you opt for a battery upgrade. It is a slick and well-designed minimalist’s PEV, with very few parts that stick out. However, the fact that it's lightweight means that it is not the most stable of rides, so don’t go joining that illegal midnight scooter race yet.

Best for: Short distance commutes

Get the Zero 2.0 here

Powerocks S1 - S$799.00

A budget e-scooter reminiscent of the ever popular Zoom Air, the Powerocks S1 is one of the cheapest PEVs you can buy. Considering its purported 40km range, it is great value for money.

Engineered by makers of Powerocks power banks, this budget e-scooter is a great entry level option for anyone thinking of switching to PEVs as a means of mid-distance commuting, such as to work or perhaps some light shopping.

Good for: All round use like getting to work or even nipping down the road for a drink at the bar.

Get the Powerocks S1 here

Mobot Xtreme X4 - S$1699

Typically, PEVs have not been designed to carry more than one person. They are called personal electric vehicles for a reason. But electric motors are fairly powerful and scooter frames are fairly resilient, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that people have succeeded at squeezing more than one body on a platform meant for one.

If sharing your PEV is a priority, then the Mobot Xtreme X4 might be what you need: it comes with suspension and more importantly, a built-in pillion seat. Expect your date to be impressed. Maybe.

Good for: Romantic rides down beach roads, picking up kids from school

Get the Mobot Xtreme X4 here