10 of the best movie homes

Go through the keyhole of cinema's Grand Designs – and see how the rich and famous characters of the cinema live
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Hollywood's always been in the business of selling dreams – and it's conjured up some dream homes in its time.

From grandiose clifftop mansions to 23rd-century apartments packed with the tech of the future, we've picked out the most desirable residences from the silver screen. 

Xanadu (Citizen Kane)

Built in the Gothic style, this Florida estate belonging to press magnate Charles Foster Kane is designed for the man who has everything – and wants to get away from it all. Golf course, private zoo, Venetian canals – it’s basically a Vegas casino for one man. No wonder he never leaves it.

Korben Dallas’ apartment (The Fifth Element)

The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element

Space is at a premium in 23rd century New York – and while this apartment is compact, it can accommodate a surprising number of people. And despite being made up of only one room, it has all the mod-cons – reconstituting cooker, slide-away bed and a hidden shower unit.

Kevin Flynn’s Grid safehouse (Tron Legacy)

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy

This minimalist structure looks more like the chillout lounge in a Parisian nightclub than a home, with its black walls, underlit floor panels and Perspex rococo tables. But then, practicalities don’t matter when you’re making a house out of computer code – and the debug really ties the room together.

Bill Murray's Mansion (Zombieland)

When faced with the zombie apocalypse, who wouldn’t want to shack up in a celebrity’s pad? Bill Murray’s palatial Hollywood digs feature a ludicrously opulent kitchen, a home cinema and shamelessly gaudy dining room, complete with Ghostbusters-reference chandelier. Disappointingly, it’s not really Bill Murray’s – it belongs to a real estate developer.