The first game coded entirely on an iPad, maybe, but it's the captivating gameplay that earns Cargo-Bot a place in our Cool List 2012 and favourite iPad apps. The spiritual successor to Lemmings, Portal and Angry Birds, it's an instant-classic puzzle game.

But this home-brewed creation of a self-confessed programming novice is also the first game to be made entirely on an iPad, with the iOS app Codea ($12.98, iPad). All well and good, but set aside this game's Tetris-strength addictiveness and world-first cred, and you'll find that the real genius of Cargo-Bot is that the aim of the game – teaching a robot arm to move coloured crates around – subtly teaches you coding logic.

So while the objectives are simple enough the solutions are anything but. 

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Cargo-Bot review

Cargo-Bot earns its place in our top iPad apps purely on the basis of its captivating gameplay