Canon XA10 review

The XA10 may look like most mid-level camcorders at first, but bolt on the handle (very fiddly) and the built-in XLR audio inputs make it much more serious. The touchscreen menu is simple and responsive, if a little heavy on pro terminology.

Canon XA10 lens

Despite a relatively small 2.07MP sensor, the XA10’s f/1.8 lens does a great job with detail, sharply rendering fine patterns that some rivals struggle with. But shots that look bright on the LCD end up murkier, and auto-exposure is easily thrown.

Pro-quality XLR inputs

The built-in mic has strong audio pick up with a very natural soundscape, and both speech and music come through bright and clear. It scores most points with those XLR inputs: plug in a professional mic, and you’re away.

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Canon XA10 review

The XA10 will be of interest to professionals and purists alike

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