The list of the Sennheiser RS180’s specification highlights is long, but we’ll get to all that in just a moment.

In the meantime, consider how exciting it would be to own a pair of wireless headphone that come with a dock that not only reminds you of an Atari logo but, with the headphones in situ, looks like it’s about to walk off and start picking on less capable ‘phones. We’d forgive our wireless headphones a lot just for looking like this.

Crystal Kleer

Luckily the RS180s need absolutely no slack cut. They’re finished to the usual, impeccably high, Sennheiser standard, and look and feel like a premium product. Few companies can make plastic feel quite so tactile and luxurious.

The Sennheisers use Kleer transmission technology rather than Bluetooth, for a simple reason. With a bandwidth of almost 2.4mbps to play with, the RS180s can transmit CD-quality audio data without the loss or compression the likes of Bluetooth impose.

Rechargeable batteries, good for 15 hours or so between charges, are built into the headset, and charging gets under way as soon as you place the ‘phones on their cradle. Lift them off again, and the transmitter forms a rapid, stable link with the headphones.


Sumptuous sound

It’s a link that stays stable over impressive distances (even if the RS180s’ open-backed design might mean you’re banished to another room whether you like it or not) and the sound is of the type we’ve come to expect from Sennheiser.

Generous, authoritative bass, assured timing of the trickiest rhythms and tempos, and sufficient scale to cope with an entire symphony orchestra in an attack stance, the RS180s are impossible to faze. They can be lean and fast, or warm and plush, depending on what you’re listening to, and they can do it without any wires.  

All of which means they’re easy to recommend. Pride of ownership combined with class-leading performance isn’t always easy to come by, but the RS180s deliver on every level.


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Sennheiser RS180 review

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