A lot of people will baulk at spending this sort of money on in-ear headphones. But think of it this way: if you do most of your listening on the move, isn’t it worth investing in some decent headphones for doing so? Exactly.

The CX95s sit quite near the top of Sennheiser’s in-ear range, but at £80 they’re still much more affordable than the class-leading Klipsch Images.

Built for the road

Sennheiser has done its best to make the CX95s fit into your portable life, so you get a short 0.6m cable length for connecting to an in-line remote if your phone or MP3 player has one, and a 1m extension cable if it doesn’t.

You also get a neat carry-case, although it’s not quite big enough to hold the extension cable as well as the ‘phones themselves.


The performance has been tailored for digital music, too. The CX95s have such a balanced delivery that they'll even make the most of compressed tunes. So if you're someone who regularly downloads 192kbps tracks from iTunes, you can rest-assured that they'll still sound decent, with far less harshness creeping in when compared to many other 'phones.

Feed them a decent lossless rip and they naturally sound even better – load up a Kings of Leon track and you’ll be impressed by the punchy low-end that makes basslines even more hip-shakingly chunky. There's also enough mid-range detail to reveal all of those strains and cracks the vocals.

Rounded top end

The only problem is that in order to make sure the CX95s don't make poor recordings sound brittle, Sennheiser has slightly rounded-off the top-end, which means some tunes lack just a touch of the excitement and sparkle that the very best 'phones produce.

Whether this is a problem for you will depend on what you generally listen to – if you're someone who makes uncompressed or lossless rips there are some slightly more thrilling in-ears available, but if you're a downloader of MP3s or AACs, very few options under £100 will make them sound better.

Stuff says... 

Sennheiser CX95 review

The CX95s are superb value, especially if you're a fan of digital downloads or space-effective CD ripping