First things first – with its white text on black background the Seesmic Twitter client is the opposite of Twitter's official app and doesn't make you feel like you're staring into the sun while reading. Immediately it looks more stylish and is great for reducing eye-strain.

Upon opening Seesmic you're presented with the Spaces section. This adds an extra click to get to your timeline, but also means you're just a click away from any of your saved searches, topics, favourite Twitter users or even Facebook updates.

Adding more spaces is simple enough, but once we'd got a few on the go we discovered we couldn't rearrange them to put our most used at the top – a shame indeed, but not enough to marr an otherwise mighty fine Twitter experience.

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Seesmic review

Seesmic's stylish, easy-to-read design and Spaces feature make it better than Twitter's own app

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