The Pocket Shower is really for the hardcore campers among you. Don’t bother packing it if you’re just going to be lazing around in deck chairs at a festival site with clearly marked pitches, mown lawns and all mod cons on tap.  

It’s ideal for overland expeditions into the African bush or camping trips out in the wilds, with you’re tent pitched in a field miles from mains with only a babbling brook for water. It’s what you take if you want to keep clean, but don’t fancy washing your sacred bits sat in an icy stream.

Bag to basics

Essentially, it’s just a bag with a shower-head attached. Fill it full of water, hang it up, get your kit off and have a wash. Simple.

The bag is made of black, light-weight, waterproof material with a roll-top closure like a canoe bag. Attached to the bottom is a small, twist on/off shower-head.

The bag will take 10 litres of water. Once full, it can be hoisted into a tree or any other structure high enough to stand under. It comes with six meters of chord that can be tied to the two D-rings attached to the neck.   

Wet work

That’s easier said than done, as 10 litres of water weighs 10kg and pulling it vertically up at least a couple of meters means even if you didn’t need a shower before, you’ll build up a sweat getting it in place. And that’s if you can find a suitable tree.

Once it’s up, it’ll give a steady stream of water for eight minutes. It’s more a gentle sprinkle than a full on jet, but it’s more than adequate to get clean under.  

It needn’t be ice-cold, either. The bag is black so that if you fill it early in the day the sun will warm the water before you use it. Of course, that will depend on the climate you are in but at the very least it should be tepid – and much more appealing than that crocodile infested river.

Stockist: Ellis Brigham


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