As tempting as it is to make do with some sunglasses on the slopes, only ski goggles will give you the protection you need in the rigours of mid-season. Most offer all the sensible stuff like UV ray protection, but few will impress the style hound as much as Scott’s limited edition Alibis.

Limited edition

Alibi goggles come in 14 different colour schemes, all of which are funky and individualistic. Better still, only 500 pairs are made in each style, giving snowsports fashionistas the reassuring knowledge that they probably won’t bump into their sartorial twin on the slopes.  

Scott’s Special Forces eyewear isn’t all style and no substance either. The lenses are made of polycarbonate and shaped to mimic the human eye to reduce distortion and giving a very high standard of optical clarity.

Ray to go

The coating cuts out 100% of UV A/B/C rays and the red chrome mirrored lens in the camo clad Special Forces edition are designed for all round lighting conditions.

Other features that make them outstanding goggles are effective airflow and a lens coating to reduce fog, helmet compatibility and a soft fleece backing to the face foam that makes them very comfortable to wear.

The only disappointment is that the Alibis don’t have a great field of view. Peripheral vision down and to the sides is a little limited - not great, particularly if you are riding fast through tight trees.

But despite this minor quibble these are the goggles Stuff will have strapped to its head this season.


Stuff says... 

Scott Alibi Limited Edition Special Forces Goggles review

Cool graphics, great optics, and limited edition rarity make the Alibis are our favourite ski goggles