The projector world has been tough place to survive these past few years. With brands like InFocus and Panasonic delivering great performance at ludicrously low prices, it’s been hard for other to keep on the pace.

Sanyo’s been quietly churning out machines of considerable quality, though – and the PLV-Z700 sees the company taking on the big-hitters in prime battle territory, the sub-£1000 price-point.

Strong specs

Certainly where specification is concerned, it delivers the goods. It’s a 1920x1080 Full HD resolution machine, complete with twin HDMI and component inputs, and simple set-up controls.

You’ll find picture-shift controls on one side of the unit and focus and zoom functions on the lens itself. Sanyo claims a brightness of 1200 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, and up and running it’s super-quiet.

The styling won’t have you purring with excitement, but the illuminated remote is a definite tick in the positive column.

Rich, detailed picture

Watching Blu-rays, our first impressions are good. There’s a luxurious richness to the picture, thanks to deep black definition and impressive contrast levels that show a wealth of colours in between.

The impressive attention to detail also ensures there’s plenty on display, highlighted by natural, believable skin tones. DVD boasts bright, vivid colours, and again we’re happy with what we see – motion is handled comfortably, too.

The more time we spend with the projector, enjoying video content and also comparing it to other models here, the more we’re convinced of its class. For £1000, or even less if you hunt around, the Sanyo produces a big-screen image of which you can really be proud.