Sanyo has always been a solid company. The products we’ve seen have been decent but not inspiring, but this CE32LDY1 surprised us. The set – also known as the Y:TV, handily – is stylish, capable, and it won’t give your wallet a hernia.

Beneath the style-conscious exterior lies a 160GB hard drive to allow for easy recording. Easy apart from the fact that you have to go through two completely separate menus to record using the EPG.

The on-screen menus are functional but hardly extravagant – it might be a small concern, but we try our best to give you an overall picture of the product. On the positive side, though, it has got good picture performance from HD, and standard-def sources. This really is a screen that’s worthy of consideration.


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Sanyo CE32LDy1 review

Cheap, but unlike the budgie, cheerful