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29 November 2011 / 15:52GMT

RIP Sanyo

Panasonic confirms that Sanyo will soon cease to be
22 April 2010 / 6:00BST

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CS1 review

The world’s smallest, thinnest, lightest Full HD camcorder. But does this make it the greatest too?
17 July 2009 / 6:00BST

Sanyo PLV-Z3000 review

It might look like an ugly duckling, but this Sanyo packs some serious specs – and a cracking picture
10 April 2009 / 6:00BST

Sanyo PLV-Z700 review

Sanyo’s sub-£1000 projector promises super-quiet operation and bags of detail – can it do enough to worry the likes of...
04 February 2009 / 6:00GMT

Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000 review

Sanyo’s latest Full HD, 8 megapixel camcorder has Sony and Canon in its sights. Let battle commence...
20 November 2008 / 6:00GMT

Sanyo HD1010 review

The Sanyo HD1000 is dead. Long live the HD1010 with progressive Full HD and super slow-mo mode
20 February 2008 / 6:00GMT

Sanyo HD1000 review

Sanyo's Xacti range has just got serious, with 1080i 'full HD' from a pocket-sized camcorder. This we gotta see...
05 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Sanyo PLV-Z5 review

Sanyo's 3LCD projector may look more plasticky than the contents of a gimp shop, but it's got hi-def cred in...