Samsung’s WEP150 is a no-nonsense design, and when it comes to controlling something dangling perilously from your ear, that’s no bad thing.

Heavyweight design in a lightweight body

The model eschews fancy features such as a vibrate alert in favour of battery life – it’ll give you a glorious 8-hours of talk time - and also boasts noise cancelling that works and a 10m operating range.

It’s pretty comfortable in either ear and, weighing a miniscule 15g, won’t weigh down dainty lugs.

If you like things that say what they are on the tin, you’ll be chuffed with this headset: it sounds great, it looks good and it has a whopping great button that says ‘press here’ – simple folk, rejoice.

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Samsung WEP150 review

This headset eschews fancy features in favour of the staples: decent battery life, effective noise cancelling and a respectable operating range