The Samsung UE46C8000 is a real looker. Even the remote is shiny and appealing, if slightly unintuitive.


But get past the looks and you'll find a superb performer. TV reception's particularly stable, composed and detailed, and it's great with motion.

Getting warmer

The 46C8000 has a warm colour balance, though. While clean whites and deep, detailed blacks top and tail the spectrum nicely, red tones are too confident and greens too rich.

If you back off the colour balance in the excellent set-up menus just a little, skin that was too ruddy becomes wan and washed out without ever passing through "natural".

An upscaled DVD has a similarly sweltering colour palette, but in every other respect the Samsung is a punchy, vibrant watch. Contrast is a strong point, but the 46C8000 deals with movement and dishes up the details almost as impressively.

Picture noise keeps its head down in all but the most exacting circumstances and, just like its little brother, it might sound a bit weak but it steers well clear of the shrillness of some rivals.

3D star

Treated to some 1080p content, the Samsung really struts its stuff. The colour balance ratchets down from toasty to merely vibrant, the apparent depth of field's enormous and contrast is spectacular. There’s no denying the pronounced depth of the 3D pictures it produces.

The ability to be able to reduce the backlighting setting (which is shoved up to maximum, along with contrast) when playing a 3D film is welcome too, as the 46C8000 doesn’t become as dim as some competitors when you’re wearing your Samsung specs. 

Stuff says... 

Samsung UE46C8000 review

Great 3D and hi-def performance keep the UE46C8000 right in contention for the TV crown