The Samsung Series 7 Chronos – or NP700Z5A, to give it its full name – is ridiculously thin for a 15in laptop. It looks so good you won’t immediately notice the wrist rest and base are plastic. That's not ideal, but it keeps the weight down.

A combination of quad-core processor and high-spec graphics impresses in gaming tests, delivering up to three times as many frames per second as rivals like the Dell XPS 14z. The Series 7 can also be switched to a completely silent mode, and has a small SSD for fast booting.

The only disappointing thing about the Chronos is its screen. With its tight viewing angles and limited contrast, the image can look washed out and pale. It does have a decent 1600x900 resolution, though, which is sharp enough for the display size.

The quad-core strength of the sleeky beautiful Samsung Chronos sells us in the end, though. It's a peach.

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Samsung Series 7 Chronos review

The screen could be better, but good looks and raw horsepower are enough to ensure the Samsung Series 7 Chronos triumphs