Samsung’s latest 37-incher bins the 100Hz processing of its more-expensive siblings, and offers a lower claimed contrast ratio. But still, it’s a £550 (you’ll find it cheaper online) 37in telly with some pretty serious specs. We’re impressed.

The deathly dark black level is what will strike you first. When the action requires it, this set is capable of rock-solid blacks with good insight, too. From this foundation we’re treated to a wide range of colours that make for a vivid, lustrous and three-dimensional looking picture.

Let’s talk about specs

It’s suitably well-specified, too, with four HDMI inputs, including one on the side, kept company by a USB connection. It boasts the necessary pixels for a Full HD, 1920x1080 resolution, and you’ll find the usual digital and analogue tuners.

A smart swivel stand and easy-on-the-eye styling – it’s part of Samsung’s Crystal TV range – ensure a nigh-on complete package.

The only stain on the spec sheet is a fairly ropey pair of speakers. Samsung makes a song and dance of the ‘down-firing’ design, but the less said about the cluttered sound the better.

Excellent picture quality

So we’ll stick to the picture, which is simply excellent – and almost hard to believe when the price is taken in to account.

Switch to DVD and it’s an insightful, bright, and sharp image that has no issue displaying fast motion, dark scenes or colourful vistas.

Standard definition from the TV tuner is clean and clear, too, with a natural colour balance and an impressive sense of depth.

The LE37B550 continues Samsung’s good work of late. It’s a fine all-rounder when it comes to producing images and at a staggering price for its size, it’s a winner – though we beg you to treat it to some better speakers.


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Samsung LE37B550 review

Delivering top-notch pictures for a rock-bottom price, this 37in set will take some beating for value