Samsung’s Ultra range is renowned for being the slimmest collection of phones on the planet, and the Korean manufacturer has now injected its diet gene into its smartphone collection. The latest model, the i600, measures 11.8mm thick, and is quite possibly another record breaker – we can’t recall a smartie with such a trim torso.

Next of thin

Despite the size zero ambitions, the Windows Mobile 5.0 powered i600 is still armed with serious feature power – the two most noticeable highlights are HSPDA-support (nearly five time faster than original flavoured 3G) and built-in Wi-Fi. While HSPDA support is still patchy, the built-in Wi-Fi is a much faster alternative and a breeze to connect.

The i600’s slender frame, meanwhile, is both a blessing and a curse. The upshot is that there’s more surface area for the QWERTY keyboard, so it’s well spaced out and reduces the risk of thumbitis. The jog dial also makes one-handed operation comfortable, leaving your other hand free for, er, waving.

The small screen

But the big keyboard and thin body seem to have come at the expense of the display. This is criminal not just because Samsung makes the best screens around, but also because the small viewing area makes web-browsing tricky. No matter which Windows and Samsung screen home screen you choose, you’ll be scrolling for Britain to see the whole page.

The 1.3MP camera also stinks of tokenism and our HSDPA video call made our caller look like a psychedelic Max Headroom with a speech impediment. Despite this lack of multimedia power, though, the i600 remains a serious business tool and a good option for sizeist smartphone shoppers.

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Samsung i600 review

An incredibly well connected smartphone that will excite suits and the super-skinny handset fanclub