This is a king of convenience with everything you need for a home cinema setup: a 3D Blu-ray drive, HDMI switching, Smart TV functions such as iPlayer and Netflix, and a wireless subwoofer. Just plug it in and you’re good to go. 

Sound and picture quality 

The sound is spacious (with four great ‘3D’ audio modes – ‘high’ is our favourite) giving movies a truly cinematic quiet-to-really-loud intensity. It’s punchy, though the sub sounds a little overstated, even at low levels. Picture quality from the Blu-ray drive is decent, as is the Smart TV content. 


Bluetooth connectivity means the Sammy can stream from your mobile device, making it a music player too. Leave the 3D sound off, though. 


This is a 3D Blu-ray-playing, smart-TV-streaming, HDMI-switching soundbar par excellence. Admittedly, the wireless sub can overstate itself a bit, but the overall sound quality and feature set – shortly with added Spotify – make this a bargain at the price. 

Stuff says... 

Samsung HT-E8200 review

Simple, stylish and smart; Sammy's made a true all-in-one 
Good Stuff 
Powerful even at low volumes
Wireless streaming
Bad Stuff 
Sound can be a bit bold