Samsung HT-D6750W – 7.1 or 5.1?

Samsung has led the way in home cinema systems in recent times, combining desirability with quality in equal and formidable measure. Unlike most rivals, the Samsung’s front and rear speakers are distinct, the fronts sporting more drivers than the rears. That’s because the top section of each tower includes a unique swivelling driver, designed to bounce sound off adjacent surfaces as part of Samsung’s ‘3D Sound Plus’ system, which claims to deliver the sonic effect of a true 7.1 system using only a 5.1 set-up. The so-called super tweeters can be angled upwards to replicate height-channel sound effects, 7.1-style, but this is a trick that works better with real, physical speakers.

Samsung HT-D6750W – Wi-Fi and DLNA support

The rear speakers include a form of wireless support, connecting via cables to a smaller receiver/amp module at the back of the room. The supplied iPod dock is a good-old-fashioned cable-type design, but Samsung also offers you – at extra cost – a wireless cradle for fuss-free tune-flicking. With built-in Wi-Fi and DLNA, the HT-D6750W is well equipped to cope with your every streaming need. It also supports a range of media types, including MKV.

Samsung HT-D6750W – pseudo 7.1samsung

The pseudo-7.1 set-up is only partially successful – the soundfield certainly gets higher and wider, but at the expense of precision and realism. The bigger issue, though, is the Samsung’s tonal balance, which gets harsh when you turn up the volume. The ‘super tweeters’ are designed to extend high-frequency performance, but on this evidence they’re over-enthusiastic.

Samsung HT-D6750W – sound quality

It’s a shame, as there’s plenty to admire here. Unlike many rivals, the HT-D6750W includes automatic speaker calibration. The system’s 3D and 2D image quality is fine, Samsung’s streaming services and network-sharing ability are among the best at this price level and in terms of flexibility, the HT-D6750W is at least as good as its rivals. It’s just a shame it doesn’t sound so appealing.

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Samsung HT-D6750W review

It’s elegant and talented, but the Samsung suffers from a brittle sound