This Samsung is the first of a new breed of Blu-ray home-cinema-in-a-box systems out of the blocks. And, aside from the glossy black looks, it’s that price tag that’s grabbed our attention.

The HT-BD1220 can be found for comfortably under £400. That’s not a whole lot more than the PS3, and significantly cheaper than high-end players like Pioneer’s BDP-LX71.

Smart design

The smart main unit, with touch-sensitive controls, is joined by two small satellite speakers and a hefty subwoofer.

It can play 1080p/24fps Blu-ray and is capable of decoding all the HD audio codecs, plus it comes complete with a ‘works with iPhone’ iPod dock, a USB input, an Ethernet port and an FM radio.

Easy to use

And the looks don’t flatter to deceive. The interface is slick and easy to use. Playing a Blu-ray disc, pictures are sharply drawn with solid black levels and impressive insight. Motion tracking could be smoother, but it’s not enough to spoil your enjoyment.

Sonically, there’s good integration between sub and satellites, while, no matter how loud you go, the speakers refuse to become bright or edgy. Detail recovery is decent for the money and voices are clear, though they could be a little more open. DVD images look good, too.

We see no reason why the HT-BD1220 shouldn’t fly off the shelves: it’s competitively priced, with bags of functionality and impressive performance for the money.


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Samsung HT-BD1220 review

A fine introduction to HD home cinema, and superb value for money